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What is an endless belt?


An Arville Brayband ® endless woven belt is a belt used in the bakery and biscuit industry with a truly endless construction - i.e. it is a closed loop with NO JOINT anywhere in its length. All of the Arville belts have a woven selvedge as standard; this makes them truly endless in both the machine (warp) and transverse (weft) directions.

Arville endless woven belts have no breaks, which means that 100% of the belt surface is a production space providing continuous extraction and transfer of biscuit and bakery products when compared to spliced or jointed belts reducing the rate of incomplete dough forms, product wastage and rejects.

Once the joint is removed it means that wear and tear of machine rollers, scraper blade and knife-edge nosebars is improved. Woven selvedge edges also protect the belt from wear and tear, as endless woven belts cannot fray.

Arville seamless woven endless belts are used throughout the world by leading manufactures of biscuits, Belting Manufacturers and Distributors and OEM's.

Endless Woven Belts