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OEM's - Bakery Equipment

Brayband® endless woven belts are designed to be suitable for use on all makes and models of rotary moulder machinery from small-scale table top versions right through to full-scale mass production lines used in large plant bakeries.

Using 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and man-made fibres, we weave our belts up to a maximum width of 1,700mm to meet the requirements of the vast majority of moulding cylinders, producing truly endless extraction webs up to a maximum circumference of 13,000mm.

Baker perkins
Spooner Vicars
Reading Bakery Systems

Our belts are manufactured with a woven endless construction i.e. it has NO JOINT OR SPLICE anywhere in its length. With a woven selvedge as a standard feature this means that Arville belts are truly endless in both machine and transverse directions giving increased stability, better tracking and improved wear resistance.

We work alongside OEM’s to provide a full spares and replacement service to ensure that machines are kept running efficiently. Additionally we will work with you to cater for your in-house belting requirements for any commissioning purposes, demonstrations or machinery exhibitions.

Specialist endless woven belts for rotary moulder machines

We are a specialist in the manufacture of truly endless woven rotary moulder belts (braybands) for the bakery industry and have been leading the industry with our belts for over 100 years.