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About Us

P&S Textiles Ltd (T/A Arville) are a specialist in the manufacture of woven belts for rotary moulder machinery and have been leading the industry with our truly endless woven belts since their invention over 100 years ago. 

As part of the wider Arville group of companies, we benefit from the resources and weaving expertise that has allowed us to develop traditional hand-woven belts into a comprehensive range of technically effective extraction webs for the biscuit industry.

The Brayband® name of rotary moulder belts has grown to become the leading brand in the worldwide belting market as a trusted supplier for biscuit and bakery belting requirements.

Our History

We have a long-standing history in the manufacture of industrial textiles, the origin of this division of the Arville group of companies can be traced back over 100 years of weaving.

In 1906 the business operated from the Old Rope Works in Dursley - a region of the UK textiles industry well-known at the time for specialist hand-weaving techniques.

In 1917 it was purchased by Scandura Belting Ltd who took the rope and halter business and sent it in a new direction with the production of endless woven belts (braybands) for manufacturers such as Jacob's biscuits.

In 1929 it became known as British Belting & Asbestos Company (BBA).

In 1962 the business was rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the manufacture of endless woven biscuit belts with each piece being individually commissioned and sent all over the world from Mexico to Australia.

1994 saw the name change to its current form when BBA sold the business to P&S Textiles.

In 2000, P&S Textiles was bought by the Arville group as part of a strategic acquisition to widen their manufacturing portfolio of technical fabrics. The biscuit belt production continued as a specialist, stand-alone manufacturing unit servicing the needs of a rapidly growing worldwide food industry.

Current Day

Today, with continued investment from its parent group, P&S Textiles have adopted the Arville brand name and positioned themselves as the market leader in their field producing truly endless woven dough extraction belts for rotary moulder machines used by the world’s biggest names and brands in the biscuit industry.

We now offer a fully comprehensive range of highly technical belting products with a level of expertise and support unrivalled in the industry – making Brayband® the market leader for rotary moulder belts.

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