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For over 100 years we have been a specialist weaver of truly endless belts for the bakery industry. Braybands® can be found at work in a wide range of machinery applications in modern plant bakeries, allowing for efficient processing and handling of cookies, soft dough biscuits, hard dough biscuits, crackers, baked snacks, individual pie lids, cream sandwiches and baked pet treats.

Rotary Moulder Machines

Our in-depth understanding of rotary moulder machinery and modern plant bakery production lines allows us to weave endless belts which are designed to have a range of handling characteristics that are suited to different dough recipes. Whether you are processing light, heavy, wet, dry, oily, high grease, high sugar or high fat dough we've got a belt that will work for you to efficiently extract the dough forms from the moulding cylinder with minimal waste, and transfer it to the next process belt, time after time.

Rotary Cutter Machines

Braybands® can be used on rotary cutter machines where a truly endless woven belt is required. Our textured rotary cutter belts are tough and durable to withstand the repeated action from die rollers, controlling the dough and allowing for a well-formed piece every time. Our belts are flexible at the knife-edge, giving excellent transfer/release properties as the dough forms are moved to the next process belt.

Other Applications

Braybands® can also be used as a wide range of general purpose bakery belts that benefit from an endless woven construction, this includes intermediate belts, in-feed/out-feed conveyors, scrap conveyors, cooling conveyors, general conveyors, etc. depending on the machine arrangements.

Endless woven belts are highly efficient, meaning that 100% of their surface area is working at all times without any joints or splices. This helps to reduce the amount of waste and product lost as broken or incomplete pieces. The belts are more durable and efficient, without any of the weak points or problems associated with in spliced belts.

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