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We weave a fully comprehensive range of rotary moulder belts, each with unique characteristics tailored to specific operating conditions. Brayband® rotary moulder belts are designed to perform with different dough mixtures, whether the dough has high/low moisture, greater or lesser levels of oil/grease/fat/sugar, etc. Our endless rotary moulder belts are suitable for extracting every type of dough product.

Soft dough biscuits
Hard dough biscuits
Baked snacks
Individual pie lids
Cream sandwiches
Baked pet treats

Weave Types

The weave construction changes the characteristics of the belt, allowing them to be tailored for effective extraction and optimum belt life.The amount of surface area contact that the belt has with the dough is a key factor in the strength of the extraction pull.


Also known as 'Herringbone' due to the distinctive pattern made in the belt, a twill weave has more surface contact with the dough so that it can generate stronger extraction from the mould.


The most commonly used weave type, a plain weave gives a consistent performance making it universally suitable for many common applications.

Broken Twill

The design of a broken twill pattern allows for air pockets to form, reducing the contact area with the dough and enabling an easier release from the belt to the next part of the process line.

Fibre Types

Our belts are made predominantly from natural fibres, using a high proportion of cotton which has been the traditional weaving yarn for braybands and is proven to be effective in extracting biscuit dough from the moulding roller. Cotton, as a natural fibre, has an innate high absorption level which is unmatched by man-made fibres. It is this ability of the belt to absorb which allows the dough to adhere. 

More recently we have continued to enhance technical performance by developing belts where natural cotton/flax is combined and blended with modern man-made fibres to increase their operational life and effectiveness with different dough mixtures.

100% Cotton

Whilst less durable, cotton fibres have a naturally high absorbency level which still out-performs man-made fibres for coping with moist, oily, high fat/grease content dough mixtures.

Cotton/Nylon Blend 

The combination of cotton with nylon adds extra strength, further improving the run life. This improved durability can sometimes be a trade-off against the ability to effectively cope with high fat/sugar dough recipes.

Polyester/Cotton Blend

Polycotton yarn mixes give good abrasion resistance, offering improved belt life, usually doubling the run life compared to a 100% cotton belt.

Product Range

Technical Specifications

Belt Type: Brayband®  Truly Endless Woven
Machine Application: Rotary moulder belt, Rotary cutter belt, General purpose bakery
Product Codes: Please contact our Sales Team for individual product codes

Weave Pattern:

Plain, Twill or Broken Twill

Fabric Type:

Cotton, Polyester/Cotton or Cotton/Nylon

Contact Side: Natural woven, untreated
Non-Contact Side: Polyurethane (PU) treated 
Width: 150mm (min.) - 1,680mm (max.) 
Length: 1,500mm (min.) - 13,000mm (max.) 
Construction: Truly Endless Woven - no joint or splice 
Edging: Woven selvedge with additional PET reinforcement 
Knife-edge Diameter Ø: 3-5mm 
Thickness: 1.8mm - 2.7mm (nominal) 
Food Approval:

European Regulation 1935/2004 (10/2011)

Tested in accordance with methods EN1186-1 2002 and EN1186-13 2002 (Method B)


Technical Data sheets available on request, please refer to our technical download library for individual product codes

We are happy to offer expert advice on the most suitable belt type for your application, or to manufacture bespoke belts which are outside of the standard product range - please just ask our sales team