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Food Contact Approval

Modern requirements within the food industry demand that belts have ‘food’ approval.

Brayband® truly endless woven rotary moulder belts are manufactured to comply with the legislation of materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuff according to European Regulation 1935/2004 (10/2011).

Our belts have been independently tested in accordance with methods EN1186-1 2002 and EN1186-13 2002 (Method B) and meet with the European migration requirements for contact with food for its intended use.

Quality Assurance

We operate to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards throughout; giving you peace of mind that our belts are manufactured to consistently meet your exact technical specifications. We are independently audited with full traceability from individual yarns right through to finished product, each belt being individually labelled with a unique identifying reference code.

Our QA procedures extends from the purchasing and management of raw materials including yarns, and coating compounds, through every stage of the manufacturing process, with final quality control checks prior to delivering to the end customer.

Inspection and Testing

At every stage throughout the manufacturing process we rigorously check and inspect the belts to ensure that we maintain the highest possible quality standards.

Our weaving and finishing processes have multiple checkpoints throughout to ensure that the end-product meets our consistently high quality standards and the agreed customer specification.

Identification and corrective action of any potential defects as early as possible in the manufacturing process helps us to maintain a consistently high level of quality.

It is this dedication to quality and performance which has helped to establish the Brayband® name as a leading product for truly endless woven bakery belts.

For a copy of our Declaration of Compliance please click here